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AFF Announces the 2015 Schedule: Tickets Available Online!

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The Alexandria Film Festival is proud to announce the films of 2015! All screenings at the Charles Beatley, Jr. Central Library are free. All showcases at AMC Hoffman Theater are ticketed. Links to purchase tickets to individual showcases are below, or you may purchase an All-Festival Pass to enjoy as many films as possible!


JOURNEY TO A MIRACLE: FREEDOM FROM INSULIN (10:30 a.m., Beatley Library, Free)
This documentary chronicles the incredible journey to find a cure for a rare form of diabetes. Through interviews with scientists and patients, the film documents a medical breakthrough that dramatically affects those with newly understood, genetic forms of this disease. (57 min., USA) Special Guest: Laurie Jaffe

A DAY’S WORK (12:00 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
This powerful documentary examines the circumstances that led to the death of 21-year-old Lawrence Davis, and investigates the incredibly lucrative temporary staffing industry. Does the industry exploit workers for financial gain with no regard for their safety in the workplace? (54 min., USA)

I AM REVA (1:15 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
The poignant tale of a mother and son living a double life as undocumented migrants in Sweden. Based on real events, this film provides a window into the lives of those trying to make a life in a new country. (30 min., Sweden)

FREE FLIGHT (2:30 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
Shot on location, this visually compelling documentary follows the efforts of conservationists to save the last remaining colony of Scarlet Macaws in La Mosquita, Honduras. (21 min., USA)

FREAK THE LANGUAGE (3:00 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
Exploring the life of New York City poet, David Mills and his special connection to the legendary Langston Hughes, this film highlights the poet’s unique associations with words, syntax, rhythms and rhyme. (30 min., USA) Special Guest: Sam Hampton

LES FALAISES (3:30 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
Set on a cliff overlooking Lake Erie, dancer Helen French portrays two sides of the same woman: one trapped inside her mind by old memories and one who visualizes endless possibilities. Does she follow her vision of freedom? (14 min., USA) Special Guest: Karen Reedy

THE DEEP HEART’S CORE (4:00 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
An elderly man recites the William Butler Yeats poem, The Lake Isle of Innisfree, over Super 8 images of his mentally disabled daughter’s life at a retreat in the Shenandoah Valley. (4 min., USA) Special Guest: Philip Brubaker

HERMITS (4:05 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
Twenty-five years ago, American author Bill Porter visited the Zhongnan Mountains in search of a 2000-year-old Chinese hermit tradition. He discovered dozens of monks and nuns leading solitary lives in quiet contemplation. In 2014, he returned to the Zhongnan Mountains. Is the hermit lifestyle he remembers still in practice today and what relevance does it have to mpst of us living a frenetic, urban existence? (87 min., China)


KID’S CINEMA SHOWCASE (10:00 a.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #2)
Join us for the first-ever Saturday morning film showcase programmed especially for kids!

A young earthworm named Lios, feels unimportant since it is animals like dogs and horses that star in movies. His father takes Lios on a journey where he learns just how important earthworms are to the ecosystem, and that without them, there could be no life on Earth. (8 min., USA)

As an author tries to write her masterpiece, her ideas turn into pesky creatures–the Hapersnoks! What will the novel’s main character, Beatrice Outerbridge of picturesque Sallowberry Hill, do once she realizes she’s within a storybook? (11 min., USA)

Four teens uncover a plot to destroy bald eagles to reach the oil beneath their nesting grounds. Will Ryburn, is the son of a powerful senator and heir to an oil fortune. He and his friends must use their bravery, wisdom and unique talents to save the birds, heal Will’s relationship with his father and maybe even change the future! Starring: Corbin Bernson, Shirley Jones & Dan DeLuca (89 min., USA) Special Guest: Dan DeLuca

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Sydney-Chanele Dawkins Scholarship Fund, which supports the passion and efforts of female writers in journalism and the arts. Visit for more information.

The story of an apathetic nurse who moonlights as a dominatrix, her aspiring model roommate and the sad, strange world they live in. (90m, USA)
Special Guest: Aaron Dawkins

ARLINGTON PASSAGES (10:30 a.m., Beatley Library, Free)
BikeArlington presents six stories of people and how biking is an important part of their lives. These are the stories of Edgar; Natalie; Grant and Gillian; Chris and Rachael; Annie; and Nonie. (19 min., USA) Special Guest: Erin Potter

SHRINES (11:15 a.m., Beatley Library, Free)
Follow photojournalist, Lloyd Wolf, as he documents Washington D.C.’s painful gauntlet of tributes to those whose lives were cut short by violence. His mission to “hold on, share and never forget” leaves us with many questions about how we value life and explain the growing number of homicides. (4 min., USA)
Special Guests: Chris O’Leary, Aldo Bello and Lloyd Wolf

MANNISH BOY (11:30 a.m., Beatley Library, Free)
In 1970’s Brooklyn, New York, 21 year-old Bobby Mayhill must adapt to the return of his older brother Tommy whose absence, while serving a six-year jail sentence, has left Bobby following in the wrong footsteps. (15 min., USA)

OFFSET: SEEING BEAUTY THROUGH A BRAIN INJURY (12:00 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
After a traumatic brain injury, world renowned photographer Brian Nice is confined to his childhood home. But when his health insurance no longer covers physical therapy sessions, Nice embarks on a cross-country road trip that tests his physical limits. Taking his camera with him, he documents his new way of seeing the world. (60 min., USA) Special Guest: Adam Hall

SHORT FILM SHOWCASE (1:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #2)

A poetic tale of imagination, grief and growing up set against the backdrop of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. An eight-year-old girl, Safiyah, is waiting for her father to come home from Egypt. Her mother refuses to contact him, so she joins forces with her neighbor to fly him a letter with a toy helicopter. (14 min., United Kingdom)

Letters are an endangered species in the Internet Age. Frank is a mailman who loves his job, but is faced with the realities of an increasingly digital world, continued economic cutbacks and post office closings. Suddenly, he finds renewed purpose in an unlikely event that reveals the true value of his profession. (20 min., USA)

A slice of life film that follows a despairing and heartsick woman as she faces the reality of losing the most important relationship in her life. (5 min., USA)

A young military wife gets news that her Marine husband has been severely wounded in combat. During his long and challenging recovery, she discovers that their life ahead will be a difficult, yet amazing journey. (13 min., USA)

A boy and his father are emotionally and physically separated when the earth intermittently loses gravity. This sci-fi film was written and directed by YouTube Your Film Festival winner David Victori. Victori’s prize was funding for his next project, with executive producer support from Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender. (20 min., United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, USA)

In this Southern Gothic tale, estranged sisters, Misty and Julie, return to their childhood home to clean out their late mother’s house. Unfortunately for them, their mother was a hoarder. As they sort through both meaningful and mundane mementos, the pieces connect to reveal a family secret. (17 min., USA)
Special Guest: Meredith Sause

FILM SHOWCASE (1:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #3)

Three lady tailors in the capital city of Xinjing enlist the help of a homeless boy to secure a precious book of cloth cuttings from the palace. The women have been under heavy surveillance by the government. Can the boy help them take the book to safety? (36 min., China)

The endangered bonobo ape found in the Democratic Republic of Congo is surrounded by war, civil unrest, habitat destruction and illegal hunting.  Known as the “forgotten ape,” it has close similarities to humans–can it survive us? (31 min., USA) Special Guest: Irene Magafan

Novelist, Li Qing, struggles with psychological distress while writing her book. Her friend, Jin Ye, suggests she go to a psychiatric hospital to refresh her mind. While there, she befriends Ji, who is bullied by other patients. Li Qing is sympathetic toward him and after she recovers, hopes to remove Ji from the hospital. Her request is met with a surprising response. (29 min., China)

Three teenagers from an all-female high school in Yemen set out to break the barriers of their traditional society. With the help of a community business program (INJAZ Yemen), they enter an entrepreneurship competition, but along the way encounter the hardships of a country marked by a broken educational system, joblessness and a threatening Al-Qaeda presence. (59 min., USA)

THE SONS OF MAPES (1:30 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
An intimate documentary profiling the filmmaker’s Afro-Caribbean father who rose to international success as a tennis player. He played on an all Latin-American team, coached by Robert Mapes at the University of Corpus Christi. The film chronicles their reunion, forty years later. (14 min., Aruba)
Special Guest: Aaron Hose

FROM AUSTRALIA WITH LOV3 (2:00 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
This documentary profiles environmental activist/street artist, Bode Klein, who uses found objects and materials from the environment to make a profound point. (7 min., Australia)

TUNNEL VISION (12:10 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
Sarah and Brandon are jaded ex-lovers who reunite after Brandon discovers he suffers from a rare eye disorder that is causing him to gradually go blind. Faced with the dilemma of how to spend his last days with his fading vision, he convinces Sarah to drive him back to the places from their shared past so he can see them–and her–one more time.  (16 min., USA)

REBIRTH (2:30 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
Petty criminals breaks into an apartment and steal a beautiful carved wooden box–a box that contains the ashes of a young man’s father. When the thieves realize the priceless value of the contents inside, they try to ransom the box, but events do not go according to plans. (12 min., United Kingdom, Lithuania)

THE SOFT SHELLED CRAB AND THE METAL CLAW (2:45 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
The story of Wei Tang, a young Chinese woman, who toils everyday in her abusive husband’s fish market in New York City. Trapped in a hellish life, she resolves to escape, will she make it out alive? (14 min., USA)

CHERRY BLOSSOM (3:00 p.m., Beatley Library, Free)
A mysterious woman sparks a young man’s interest at the Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom festival. She teaches him to cherish life’s beauty, but will destiny allow their love to blossom? (17 min., USA)

New research has established the occupation by maroon communities in the swamp for more than 200 years. For the first time, the film exposes the amazing story of independence, resistance and resilience among escaped slaves. Choosing heat, insects, wild animals and the “unknown Swamp” over plantation life, slaves defied their masters and chose freedom. (20 min., USA)

FILM SHOWCASE (4:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #2)

At age 90, Janey is writing her last play in a small town in Northern California. Her community theater productions have provided a sense of purpose in the town, which has been hit hard by the recession. As she works to complete the play, she is motivated by this struggling community that comes together and supports each other no matter what. (80 min., USA)
Special Guest: Jared Callahan

While on a blind date with a charming young woman, a film student struggles to conceal his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). (18 min., USA)

FILM SHOWCASE (4:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #3)

Richard Thompson won a Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist. For a cartoonist, that’s like winning an Oscar. He is admired, if not revered, by his peers for his weekly feature “Richard’s Poor Almanac” in The Washington Post and his daily syndicated “Cul De Sac” cartoon. Thompson was forced to stop drawing in 2012 due to Parkinson’s disease, but his wit and artistic genius cannot be silenced. (22 min., USA)

While on an assignment in Urumqi, China, a promising young American journalist and her Chinese interpreter are unexpectedly caught in a terrifying riot ignited by Uighur extremists’ extensive political, racial tensions against the ethnic Han. Erin, seeing this as a career opportunity, uses the chance to gather first hand news materials, but struggles with her decision on whether or not to report its gruesome details. (16 min., USA)

A young man’s attempt at a first contact with a love interest is hijacked in a most entertaining way. (3 min., United Kingdom)

People say they hate campaign commercials, yet ads can, and often do, turn the tide in elections. This documentary exposes the logic behind these ads, the techniques used to persuade, manipulate and even entertain viewers and the role of political advertising in television history.  (36 min., USA)
Special Guest: Jesse Strauss and Paul Wilson

ADVANCE SCREENING SHOWCASE (7:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #2)

The story of a mischievous father who calls his very busy kids to tell them that after 55 years of marriage, he and their mom are getting divorced. Horrified by the news, the children prepare to fly home to stop the divorce and save their parent’s marriage. Starring: Dick Van Dyke, Valerie Harper (7 min., USA)
Special Guest: Adam Rackoff

Follow the Cooper clan as four generations of extended family come together for their annual Christmas Eve celebration.  As the evening unfolds, a series of unexpected visitors and unlikely events turn the night upside down, leading them all toward a surprising rediscovery of family bonds and the spirit of the holiday. Starring: Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Ed Helms, Diane Keaton, Jake Lacy, Anthony Mackie, Amanda Seyfried, June Squibb, Marisa Tomei, Olivia Wilde (100 min., USA)
Special advance screening event exclusive to the Alexandria Film Festival. In theaters nationwide: November 13.

FILM SHOWCASE (7:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #3)

The story of a mischievous father who calls his very busy kids to tell them that after 55 years of marriage, he and their mom are getting divorced. Horrified by the news, the children prepare to fly home to stop the divorce and save their parent’s marriage. Starring: Dick Van Dyke, Valerie Harper (7 min., USA)
Special Guest: Adam Rackoff

What would you do if someone you loved became obsessed with political talk radio and turned into a completely different person? Filmmaker Jen Senko captured her family’s story, while investigating the forces and sources that profoundly influence millions of people every day. This is a special, work-in-progress screening of this film. (95 min., USA)
Special Guests: Jen Senko and Adam Rackoff

LATE NIGHT SHOWCASE (10:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #2)

Claire, a former teacher, is haunted by her memories of a traumatic event. To come to terms with her past, she decides to return to the place where the horror unfolded. (19 min., United Kingdom)

A man tries to give life to his dying plant. (12 min., Lebanon)

Hoping to mend their broken lives and expose a corrupt system, a group of unlikely strangers band together to rob a bank. (10 min., USA)

Three twenty-somethings write dreams for a secret organization. Faced with office sabotage and internal disagreements, they struggle to become a team. But with the help of some very unlikely allies, they just might be able to succeed, keep their jobs and earn some respect in the office.  (26 min., USA)

A wordless, mystical film about one man’s journey into nature and the depths of his own identity. A lone hiker journeys into a dreamlike forest wilderness, where a mythic encounter drives him from communion to terror and intimations of death, to the possibility of new life. (23 min., USA)
Special Guest: Josh Peterson and Deniz Demirer

LATE NIGHT SHOWCASE (10:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #3)

Based on real events, this frightening tale follows four friends on a road trip haunted by the urban legend “Lady in White.” (17 min., Venezuela)

During the course of a poker game, a mild-mannered young man is emasculated to the point of no return by a fellow player. (14 min., USA)

During a walk in the woods, a man stumbles upon a gate blocked by a guard who refuses to let him through. Gaining entry becomes his obsession and only goal, to the detriment of all else, including his own physical and mental health. Based on the short story Before the Law by Franz Kafka. (18 min., USA)

An unapologetically raunchy action comedy about six lovable degenerates, their terrible choices, often hilarious and tragic consequences, and unexpectedly interwoven lives. Six installments follow their outlandish exploits, narrating the hilarious and unfortunate adventures they encounter while pondering life, death and the afterlife.  (90 min., USA) Special Work-in-Progress Screening. Special Guests: Bob Place and Chris Bell


FILM SHOWCASE (10:00 a.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #2)

Mario Marchese is a wayward youth looking for meaning in his life when he happens upon a magic shop. Now, he travels the world inspiring adults and children with his story of turning hand-made props and robotics into an old-school magic performance. (75 min., USA)
Special Guest: Kal Toth

After the death of her husband, lifelong artist Pamela Joseph was left creatively frozen, searching for meaning and struggling to find her identity. Seven years later, an explosion of ideas culminated in a fantastical exhibition inspired by 20th-century freak shows. (14 min., USA)

FILM SHOWCASE (10:00 a.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #3)

THE LAST GREAT CIRCUS FLYER (10:00 a.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #3)
The greatest trapeze performer of all time reflects on his illustrious circus career and reveals why he unexpectedly quit “flying.” Filmed over a 6-year period, the film addresses the triumphs, dangers, fears and oftentimes tragedies of these unique artists. (119 min., USA)

INTERNATIONAL FILM SHOWCASE (1:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #2)

After his parents left a long time ago, a boy goes to live with his uncle. Their house in a peaceful village is simple, yet cozy. However, the innocent boy can’t ignore the heartless gossip about his uncle’s life. He decides to find a solution that he believes will bring his uncle a better life. (14 min., Vietnam)

The story of a devoted single mother in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Her rapidly deteriorating health, brought on by fallout from the Chernobyl disaster, forces her to look for a caregiver to eventually replace her. Inspired by true events. (17 min., United Kingdom)

After the 1947 India-Pakistan partition, religious communities were split and lost touch. In order to maintain purity within their villages, aging women were forced to marry boys, teenagers or younger. SHACKLE (SAANKAL) explores the effects of this tradition on both the women and children of this society. Abeera, age 26, is forced to marry Kesar, age 11, and we follow their haunting story throughout the years in Bollywood musical style. Based on true events in Rajasthan, India. (98 min., India)

FILM SHOWCASE (1:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #3)

The amazing story of American “ultra running” legend Micah True (Caballo Blanco, or the White Horse) and his quest to create an ultra marathon in Mexico’s Copper Canyon to promote and preserve the ancient Tarahumara running tradition. Based on the best-selling book, by Christopher McDougall, “Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen.” Born to Run is currently being made into a feature film starring Matthew McConaughey.
Special Guests: Sterling Noren

FILM SHOWCASE (4:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #2)

This documentary profiles environmental activist/street artist, Bode Klein, who uses found objects and materials from the environment to send a powerful message. (7 min., Australia)

Luna Magica, a Lucha Libre wrestling star, dreams of becoming world wrestling champion while fighting to make ends meet as a single mom. Luchadora shines light into the fascinating subculture of professional female wrestling in Mexico and explores issues of gender roles both in and out of the ring. (12 min., USA, Mexico)
Special Guest: River Finlay

Five-year-old, Jemimah, is desperate for her dog Tilly to have puppies at any cost. When she learns her parents plan to have Tilly fixed, she embarks on a journey to get Tilly pregnant, with hilarious results. (7 min., Australia)

David, the host of a local, gay radio show in Buffalo, New York, struggles with self-doubt when his single sister asks him to be the father figure for her soon to be adopted Brazilian child. Past and present intertwine in this bittersweet winter’s tale set in Buffalo, New York of a man learning to love and accept himself. (108 min., USA)
Special Guest: Don Scime

ADVANCE SCREENING (4:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater #3)

Follow the Cooper clan as four generations of extended family come together for their annual Christmas Eve celebration.  As the evening unfolds, a series of unexpected visitors and unlikely events turn the night upside down, leading them all toward a surprising rediscovery of family bonds and the spirit of the holiday. An all-star cast featuring Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Ed Helms, Diane Keaton, Jake Lacy, Anthony Mackie, Amanda Seyfried, June Squibb, Marisa Tomei and Olivia Wilde (100 min., USA)
Special advance screening event exclusive to the Alexandria Film Festival. In Theaters Nationwide: November 13.

CLOSING RECEPTION & AWARDS CEREMONY (6:00 p.m., AMC Hoffman Theater Mezzanine)

Join us for our closing reception celebrating four great days of film! Raise a glass to the filmmakers and sponsors who make the Alexandria Film Festival possible every year. Winners will be announced—so don’t miss it!



Buy Tickets AFF

All-Festival Pass tickets are now available for purchase online! This pass is a great value at $45 for full access to all films at AMC Theater on Saturday, November 7th and Sunday, November 8th, with admission to the Closing Reception & Awards Ceremony included. The All-Festival Pass is more than a $100 value!

Closer to the festival, tickets to individual showcases will be available for purchase online and at the door.

Quantities of All-Festival Passes are limited. Be sure to purchase in advance to guarantee your admission to all events on 11/7 and 11/8.

Win Tickets to the Alexandria Premiere of MERCY STREET

Alexandria Premiere of Mercy Street at the Alexandria Film Festival

MERCY STREET premieres on PBS in January 2016.

The Alexandria Film Festival and Visit Alexandria will host a private premiere of PBS’ Mercy Street on the evening of November 5, 2015, at the AMC Hoffman 22 Theater.

A limited number of tickets will be given away to those who enter to win by providing their email address here.

Winners will be announced on October 29, 2015.

The premiere event will kick off the 9th annual Alexandria Film Festival, which will run through Sunday, November 8th.


Join us for the 9th Annual Alexandria Film Festival

AFF Save the Date Flyer 2015

Thursday, September 10th: Join us at Port City!

AFF Port City Flyer 2.0

Please join us for an evening of excellent beer and delicious BBQ! Port City Brewing Company will be hosting a Community Give Back Night for the Alexandria Film Festival on Thursday, September 10th. Ten percent of all food and beverage purchases will be donated to the film festival, which greatly helps our all-volunteer organization host our annual festival. This year, the multi-day event will be held November 5-8 at AMC Hoffman 22 and Beatley Library in Alexandria.


Earlybird Deadline: July 13, 2015
Regular Deadline: August 3, 2015
Late Deadline: September 9, 2015
Final Deadline: October 5, 2015

Known for bringing enriching short and feature length films of all genres, filmmaker panels and arts presentations to this historic and unique city, the Alexandria Film Festival is a yearly celebration of film. AFF presents emerging and established, local and international filmmakers to engaged audiences from Alexandria and the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Last year, the festival brought more than 60 films and 50 filmmakers to Alexandria to personally interact with audiences. Visiting filmmakers came from as far away as Sri Lanka and Uruguay and as near as Alexandria.

The ninth annual Alexandria Film Festival will be held November 5-8, 2015. Venues will include AMC Hoffman 22 Theater and Beatley Central Library. This year’s film competition categories are as follows:

Alexandria is home to film producers and enthusiasts, arts patrons, members of Congress and their staff, corporate executives and other influential groups. The city attracts many visitors and residents of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area who value its arts and history community as well as diplomats and embassy representatives.

As a city strengthened by great diversity, the Alexandria Film Festival encourages film submissions about, set in or made by filmmakers from the following countries, culture and regions. All films with international backgrounds will be considered.

  • Africa
  • African-American
  • Armenia
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Southeast Asia
  • Israel
  • The Middle East
  • El Salvador
  • Mexico
  • Latin America
  • Native Americans
  • China
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • The Pacific Rim

In addition to a confluence of international communities, Alexandria also prides itself on being a budding eco-city. AFF continues to feature films that focus on sustainability and provide a view into environmental, social and economical issues and sub-issues related to sustainable agriculture, architecture, culture, and more. Filmmakers are encouraged to interpret these categories broadly.

Awards include:

  • Best of Show ($300)
  • Jury Prize ($200)
  • Audience Award ($100)

Many films and filmmakers who have participated in the Alexandria Film Festival have been recognized for their achievements:

  • AFF official selection “Alive Inside” won the Audience Award at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival
  • AFF 2007 Grand Jury award winner “War Dance,” was nominated for the 2008 Academy Award. Filmmaker and AFF speaker Andrea Nix Fine went on to win the Oscar for Best Documentary Short in 2013 with co-director Sean Fine for “Innocente.”
  • 2014 AFF Foreign Language Film award for “Silent Tears” (Mouna Vizhiththuligal) won awards at the World Short Film Competition Festival 2015 in London.
    Best Director – Ilango Ram
    Best Editor – Saman Alvitigala/ Roshan Edward
    Best Child Artist – Beenu Asalya Sri Kumara

“Silent Tears” also won Best Short Film award at the Norway Tamil Film Festival and Best Foreign Language Film Award at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London

  • 2011 AFF Official Selection “Where Soldiers Come From” won the 2012 News and Documentary Emmy, as well as the Independent Spirit Truer Than Fiction Award in 2012.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at or visit

Free Screening of 2014 Audience Award Winner – Rescheduled!

Unfortunately, the screening room at Beatley Library has been appropriated by the city for a budget presentation on March 11, necessitating the postponing of “Coming Back to the Hoop.” We apologize for any inconvenience.

We are happy to announce that the screening of “Coming Back to the Hoop” has been rescheduled for Thursday, April 23. Please join us at 6 p.m. for a reception honoring director, Jane Pittman. Light refreshments will be served. The screening will follow the reception at approximately 6:45 p.m., with Q&A to follow. We look forward to seeing you there!